The world needed a prophet…

But everyone else was out for lunch…

So I decided to fill in…

And thus was born, 
a Sublime Enterprise

(well, slightly)

The Book of Face

The Books

The Holy (and perhaps ‘not-so-holy’)
Words of Divine Intervention for the 21st Century

The Book of Vincent

The Stories.
The trials and tribulations of a man attempting to live in the modern age.

 Read the Tale

The Commandments

The Immutable Laws for Life in the 21st Century.
(Often in the Form of Rants & Tirades)

 Learn the Law

The Book of the All-Virtuous Wisdom of Face

The Ketavim.
The Writings of Wisdom.

Bask in the Wisdom


The Beginnings, the Foundations, the Science Behind the Spirit, and the History Behind the Belief.

Understand the Origins

Other Writings

The Non-Canonical Writings.

Collections of other things.

Tales from the Road

Travel Stories.
Tales of Adventure and Realization out on the road.

Follow the Road

Poetry & Prose

Things with structure,
and some without.

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… and all the rest

Various writings of a broad and diverse range.

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